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Yes please Pat, thank you.


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Kristin -- 


The Mayor has spoken extensively on this over the past two months. I'm happy to send you clips. 

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Good morning—Can we get a response from the Mayor’s Office on this press conference and rally please?








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Students, Teachers, and Allies Rally and March to Mayor Lightfoot's House to Demand Removal of Police From Schools at upcoming Board of Ed Vote, they say Mayor Lightfoot is Not Keeping Them Safe


WHO:  #CopsOutCPS Coalition, Black Lives Matter Chicago, Chicago Teachers Union and others.

WHEN: Press Conference 12:20pm, March Steps Off At 1:30pm


Chicago, IL - Students, Teachers, Staff and Allies will March to Mayor Lightfoot's House today to demand that police be removed from schools at the upcoming Board of Education vote. The #CopsOutCPS Coalition will hold a press conference at 12:20pm at Logan Square Park 2600 N. Kedzie, the march will step off at 1:30pm. The group is demanding that the Board of Education vote to CANCEL the contract with CPD and instead reinvest those dollars into social workers, counselors, and restorative justice alternatives.


"Mayor Lightfoot is not keeping us safe. Police in our school make us feel like we are criminals. Police should not be intervening in conflicts between kids. We need social workers not Police. It's gotten so bad at my school that the kids call Hyde Park Academy: Hyde Park Correctional Center. We need to change this. Mayor Lightfoot needs to invest in our youth, not criminalize us." said Ling Young, a recent graduate from Hyde Park Academy and student activist with the #CopsOutCPS coalition.


Chicago Public Schools recently announced a reduction of the $33M annual contract with the Chicago Police Department to $15M. Research shows police in schools criminalize Black and Brown students and exacerbate the school-to-prison pipeline. 10 Local School Councils have recently voted to remove police from their schools including: Senn, Currie, Lane Tech, Roberto Clemente, Benito Juarez, Back of the Yards, Uplift Community, Mather, Northside College Prep, and Hancock. School districts around the country including Minneapolis, Portland, and Denver have recently cut their contracts with police and removed them from the schools. When asked if she would consider canceling CPS' existing contract with CPD, Mayor Lightfoot said "Yeah we're not gonna do that".