Thanks Jerry. That’s exactly what happened at Midway. FAA ordered the tower closed after 3 Air Traffic Controller tested positive. We lost hundreds of flights over the course of several days. The challenge will be to differentiate between enplanements lost as result of the closure of the tower enplanements lost due to cancellations related to the pandemic. I am thinking of a creative proposal to satisfy the property damage trigger for BI coverage under the property policy for Midway (likely no haps for O’Hare)…I’ll keep you posted on my success (fingers crossed).  


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Good  evening everyone:


We have already created an activity code for departments to make purchases.  In addition, we plan to create a subgroup out of our Pandemic Coordinating Team to serve as the medium for our cost recovery efforts through FEMA.  We are gong to enlist the services of a forensic accounting team (NAVIGANT should ring a bell for Tamika and Catalina 😊).  Although we will not use Navigant.  We all should be mindful that the monies that are available is for the WHOLE nation.  We need to be diligent and get ahead of the curve (Ed).  I asked the forensic accounting firm to inquire as to the process for awards. For example, is it first come first serve until all the funds are gone?


Thanks for the Excel spreadsheet and I will make great use of it.


I concur with Ed on the BI loss under the property policy.




For our communicable disease coverage to come into play, a civil authority has  to declare it needs to be cleaned.  Is that what happened at Midway?



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Hi all,


Tamika, I sent this to some of the airport counterparts yesterday. I made this spreadsheet last week and shared it with my leadership. It breaks down how BNA policies will currently respond to the pandemic. Feel free to edit it for Chi-town. I attached the PDF version to make it easier to view.


Unfortunately, it appears most property policies will not be triggered for business interruption due to no property damage. However, there may be an opportunity under communicable diseases. I am filing two FEMA claims tomorrow, pandemic and tornado, to be in line for relief. The way FEMA works is mostly reimbursable and uninsurable losses. They will pay percentages. So, deductibles are considered an uninsured risk and eligible.


On the other hand, there has been no determination yet regarding the loss of revenue because the bill has not been finalized yet for the pandemic by lawmakers. Expenses associated with the pandemic will for sure be considered (i.e., purchasing laptops for employees to work at home, additional services or overtime associated with additional cleaning and decontamination).


Tomorrow, I am making a chart for BNA for both the tornado and pandemic claims and what the roadmap looks like. I will send it to all of you as soon as I get it done.


One critical aspect you should each be aware of immediately is to begin delineating expenses into a separate bill code for the pandemic. Also, those expenses and nonexempt hours directly related to the pandemic should be captured or carved out in some way because FEMA will want to see what is normal and what is pandemic. I had out Finance team create a pandemic bill code and procurement is tracking goods and services through it, and HR/payroll is tracking nonexempt hours (straight time and OT) through it as well.


Be well. Be safe! My best to each of you!


Be magnificent,


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Hi Guys!

I hope you all are faring well in these crazy times. I know you are super busy...aren't we all. It just hit me that I am surrounded by such intelligent professionals who I can use as a resource.


Are you seeking any business interruption coverage resulting from this occurrence. For example, concessionaires are closing or reducing hours; this could/will impact the MAGs (depending on how the contracts are written). Is the loss of income potentially recoverable under the property policy? Are you guys putting carriers on notice? Also, are you seeking recovery for income losses related to the halt of international travel? Anything I’m missing that I could seek coverage for?


I think our policy has a small sublimit for Communicable Disease and a 48 hr waiting period for Civil Authority (Midway closure). I have my Insurance RM looking into it; wanted to see what you guys were doing. Let me know.



Thanks for your help!!!




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