Saturday request. I say we pass particularly If Scott Simon is still under consideration. 

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Date: August 13, 2020 at 2:42:00 PM CDT
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Subject: Fw:  Hello - CNN Interview with Mayor Lightfoot on 8/15?

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Subject: Hello - CNN Interview with Mayor Lightfoot on 8/15?


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Dear Press Office,

I am a producer for CNN’s Smerconish show with Michael Smerconish.

We would like to invite Mayor Lightfoot to join us as a guest on CNN this Saturday, 8/15 during our 9am ET / 8am CT program.

The topic would be the recent Washington Post article about charges in certain cases:

The interview would be with Michael Smerconish and it would last about five minutes.

We could do the live interview from a studio in Chicago or from Mayor Lightfoot’s home or office computer using Cisco or Skype, which are similar to Zoom.

Thank you,

Corinna Lamb



Corinna Lamb

Producer, Smerconish

CNN & CNN International